I Drink ALL of the Google Kool-Aid

They say it is not a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. But Google really does so many things better than anyone else. So hand me a gallon of Google Kool-Aid and get out of my way as I drink it ALL! If you do not have a Gmail account, […]

What is the BEST WordPress Hosting?

It is really hard to say what the best WordPress Hosting is. It kind of depends on what you need. But since I decided to use WordPress exclusively for web sites, I have used three different hosting companies. HostGator, Bluehost and A2 Hosting. I initially went with HostGator because they were a local company. I […]

Cleaning The Slate And Catching Up

It has been over a year since I have done a post on this site. I was really just using this domain as a bucket to put all of my Passive Income projects into. I had to delete several of my prior posts in a process of cleaning the slate. A lot of the information […]

New Hobby Site

My existing niche sites are doing well. They are not making a fortune. But they are growing steadily. I’ve decided to wait and let these grow for a while before building more niche sites. I really need to work on backlinks and figure out the best way to market them. Meanwhile I have started a […]

First Month Learning Experience

I once had a boss who told me to “hurry up and make mistakes!” His point was that when you want to do something new, you just have to try your hardest and fail. Learn from your mistakes and try again a little smarter. Keep doing this till you are really good and confident. So […]

My first Niche Site!!

Everyone go to: http://www.thebeststudfinder.com/ Ta Da! Awesome isn’t it?! Well maybe not. But it is getting there. I’ve done a lot of work on it and still have a list of things that I need to do. But want to start getting feedback and advice. So this is the official announcement. So let’s go over […]

Backlinking your Niche Site

Here is a list of some good backlinking strategy resources: Pat Flynn’s site SmartPassiveIncome.com has several blog posts on the subject: Niche Site Duel 005: My Backlinking Boo Boo (September 13, 2010) Niche Site Duel 006: My Backlink Strategy (September 14, 2010) THE Backlinking Strategy That Works (November 10, 2010) THE Backlinking Strategy That Works […]

First Niche Site Almost Done

I’ve almost finished my first niche site. Boy has this been a learning experience. Both good and bad. I had no idea how much is involved in the process. Here was my checklist: Pick topic Buy domain Set up WordPress site Add WordPress plugins Create great content Link to Amazon products with my affiliate links […]

What is the goal of the Passive Income Gurus site?

The primary purpose of this site is to document my journey to passive income freedom. I know it will not be easy. But I am committed and will share all about my success and failures along the way. I know I can’t succeed by myself. So my plan is to talk to EVERYONE! I’ll email […]


First off, I am not a Passive Income Guru. But I want to be. My name is Marc. I live in Houston, the forth largest city in the United States. I’m in my mid forties. I have a wonderful wife and three amazing kids. I am a computer geek. I do UI/UX coding for a […]

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