New Hobby Site

My existing niche sites are doing well. They are not making a fortune. But they are growing steadily. I’ve decided to wait and let these grow for a while before building more niche sites. I really need to work on backlinks and figure out the best way to market them.

Meanwhile I have started a new hobby site with a few friends. The site is Which honestly was the last topic I thought I would be talking about. But then I read a book that really put my world in perspective. Honestly we have a pretty fragile world. So many thing could happen to really change the way we as humans live. We are too dependent on technology and have forgot all the self-reliance skills that our grandparents used everyday. So I plan to write about a variety or topics like: homesteading, firearms, gardening, foraging, product reviews and much more. Plus I have a few good friends that have similar interests and will be writing for the site too. I’ll still use Google Ads and Amazon Affiliate links. But I will also be trying some new affiliate companies. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Please come visit the site and leave feedback.


Buying USED domains, Is it worth it?

I recently decided to make a Baby Checklist niche site. Amazon sells a huge amount of baby related products and has two Featured Promotions that are baby related. One is specific to their Amazon Family services, where you get a 20% off a diaper subscription. The other is specific to a Baby Registry, so an expecting mother can have an online wish list where others can purchase products for them.

The problem with baby related sites, is that there is a lot of competition for the topic. So I knew that I would have to have a lot of backlinks to really make it available in the search engines. So I decided to try something a little different. I bought an expired (aka USED) domain. I did some research through a wonderful site at: and found a domain that already had several hundred backlinks. Many of them were directory web sites. But several were also good links on sites that were related to my niche topic. So now I don’t have to start from scratch. Someone else has done some of the work for me. Now I will always look for expired domains first when I build a new site. I certainly think it is worth it.

Check out my new niche site at Fun Baby Stuff!


Big Backlink Success

One of the magnetic stud finder manufacturers has provided a backlink to my related page on Thank you StudPop for making such a great product!


January 2016 Update

January was a pretty busy month for me.

I bought and tried out three different Amazon Affiliate WordPress themes. I really liked one of them and was pretty disappointed by the other two. I’ll do a separate post about my experience with these. I did create three new niche sites with one of the themes and have started getting backlinks set up for each.

My first niche site ( is moving along slowly. Amazon sales have increased, I made a total of $38.80 for the month. Which is just a little more than double of what I made for December 2015. I rearrange the products to focus on the higher priced items and that has seemed to work. But all the items I listed in First Month Learning Experience post, I just haven’t had time to do yet. I was distracted with the other niche sites. So February I will work on that. I did add the WordPress plugin EasyAzon at the beginning of February. It allowed me to set up localization for each product. So it will redirect to the correct international Amazon product if it is available there. Also the plugin adds the product directly into the users Amazon shopping cart, which extends the affiliate cookie from 24 hours to 90 days. I’m hoping that will make a big difference in sales. Here is my affiliate link for the plugin.

Additionally I have chosen the search engine keywords that I plan to track. My goal is to be in the top 10 sites on both Google and Bing. Here is where I am currently:

search engine standings for Jan 2016

I have a long way to go. Oh, I’m using Long Tail Pro to track the standings.


What a great site to help learn the basics!

I spend a lot of time trying to learn from people who have already done this journey. I read individual’s sites, listen to several pod casts and buy ebooks. But Honestly I haven’t found a community of gurus who are willing to help you until last week. Please sign up for Affiliate Marketing Fourum. You will not regret it. There is a ton of information and helpful members. There is also a paid membership option. But I haven’t digested all of the free information yet. I’m sure I will upgrade when I do.


First Month Learning Experience

I once had a boss who told me to “hurry up and make mistakes!” His point was that when you want to do something new, you just have to try your hardest and fail. Learn from your mistakes and try again a little smarter. Keep doing this till you are really good and confident.

So here is what I have learned:

  1. My product is too cheap. With an average price of only $20, there just isn’t enough profit in the Amazon commission. I sold 13 items on Amazon for the month of November. But it was only $16 of commissions. I’ll have to promote some of the higher price products.
  2. There is not enough words for the search engines. I am covering too many products on a single page. I will have to create a separate pages for some of the products. I need to have room for more long tail phrases. I need to bring the word count up.
  3. I need to improve the quality of my words so that other people are more likely to link to the site. I currently have 40 back links. I’ve created 100% of those. On personal pages, forums and question sites. Then I need to make contacts in the industry and ask for back links.
  4. I need to polish the site up a little. I need a banner, contact page and better product rating tables.
  5. Adsense seems to be working ok. I just need to increase traffic to the site.
  6. Ranking in Google and Bing is slowly getting better.

My current plan is to modify the site over the busy Christmas season to improve on the things that I have identified. Then see how that works over the next few months.

January I will start on a second niche site. I’ve already done some research, choose a new product and bought a domain. I’m a little bit smarter and a little bit more confident.


My first Niche Site!!

Everyone go to:

Ta Da! Awesome isn’t it?! Well maybe not. But it is getting there. I’ve done a lot of work on it and still have a list of things that I need to do. But want to start getting feedback and advice. So this is the official announcement.

So let’s go over some of the history of how I chose the topic of the site and some of the decisions that I made along the way.

When I decided to start building a passive income, I had spent the last month burning through SPI podcasts. There were so many possibilities and I wanted to do them all at once. But choose to start with a niche site. I’m a UI developers/UX designer by trade. I’ve literally built hundreds of web sites. Some were for small “mom and pop” companies and some were for Fortune 500 companies. So I figured  that building a one page site to promote a product would easy enough.

Next, was deciding on a topic. I really wanted to start with something I knew well. I didn’t want to do a ton of research before I could publish a site. I wanted to have a site up quick and than refine it as my knowledge of the process improves. Well I had recently done a bunch of work in my garage. My wife and I want to have a workshop where we can work together (and with our kids) doing things like woodworking, pottery, metal working and leather working. But living in suburban Houston, I didn’t have a lot of space. We decided to insulate and climate control our garage and work out there. I took off the peg board that covered the walls, ran some extra electricity then added insulation and finally covered the walls with plywood. This took several months to do and a lot of the work I had to do by myself. One of my frustrations along the way was how often I would miss the stud while putting a screw through the plywood. I was using an old stud finder that I have had for years. But still 20-30% of the time I didn’t hit the stud. Finally I decided the old stud finder had to be replaced and I ran to Lowes for a new one. There were a half a dozen options to choose from at the store. Prices ranging from $24-$75. I didn’t know much about the differences so decided on a middle of the road models, bought it and went back to work on the garage. After that 100% of the scans with the new stud finder was right on. That night after a shower and a beer in hand I decided to play with the two different stud finders and figure out why the first one was off so much. I tried both models on my bedroom wall and found that the older model was consistently one inch off of the newer model. That just didn’t make sense. When your screwing into a 2×4 stud in the wall an inch is a big deal. But then the light bulb went off in my head. Maybe the older model was doing exactly what it was supposed to do. Maybe it was just made to find the edge of the stud. So I tried coming at the stud from the other side and sure enough it was still an inch off the newer models mark. So what I found was not equipment failure. But user error. I wondered how many other people had done the same thing. Just not know how to use the stud finder that they had bought.

But building a niche site around how you use the stud finder that you already own is kind of dumb. Most people just go to the manufacture’s web site and read the online manual when they need help. Plus you can’t make any money through an affiliate link if they already own the product. You really need them to buy something. So I decided to build a site around what the best stud finder was. I hopped out to GoDaddy to search for a domain that would fit. was not open, but it was for sale for a mere $2400. Ahhh no. I certainly didn’t think that was worth it. was available and I bought it quick. It took a few minutes to figure out how to add a second domain to my Bluehost account. But I figured that out and had WordPress installed quick. Set it up as a single page site. Added my favorite plugins and BAM things were moving!

I knew I wanted to use my Amazon Affiliate program to generate money. I actually had set that up years ago for other personal blogs. So I figured I would just search what the most popular stud finders were and just list the top ten. This should be easy. But when I searched for “stud finder” on Amazon, the highest rated product that came back wasn’t even electronic. It was magnetic?! That doesn’t seem efficient at all. But the product had over 4000 user reviews on it. More than double of the highest rated electronic one. Okay. Well I guess I should have known that. Another strange thing is that 95% of all the electronic stud finders are made by the same company. I wonder why? I guess I should have known that. Whoa weird, there is a $700 stud finder listed that uses radar! Who is going to buy that? Hmmmm I guess I should have known that too.

Damn. Maybe I should have checked out what the competitions was doing first. When I do a Google search it brings back Popular Mechanics, a few DIY blogs, the stud finder manufacturing sites and a few of those huge review sites. Nothing is really current. Some of the products they recommend are no longer available on Amazon and none of the sites are 100% stud finder related.

I’ve divided the site into categories that make sense to me. I wrote a lot of copy and used keywords that I thought would be good. Included links to products on Amazon. Added two Google Adsense ads. Done some basic design work. Than launched it.

Yes it is showing up in the search engines and getting a little bit of traffic. Even generated a little bit of income. But honestly I made so many mistakes along the way. I wish I could start over from scratch with what I know now. But also this site is my first niche site and it was intended as a learning environment from the beginning.

I still have a list of todo items for the site. Including a nice header image, some additional pop up items to explain how-to lessons and a video that shows several stud finders being used.

Creating the good content is most important. I think I am 80% there. I’ll clean and refine the content. Then go out maybe quarterly to update product information. The site will grow I know. But it will grow slow.

Please don’t hesitate sending comments and advice.


Backlinking your Niche Site

Here is a list of some good backlinking strategy resources:

Pat Flynn’s site has several blog posts on the subject:

  1. Niche Site Duel 005: My Backlinking Boo Boo ()
  2. Niche Site Duel 006: My Backlink Strategy (September 14, 2010)
  3. THE Backlinking Strategy That Works (November 10, 2010)
  4. THE Backlinking Strategy That Works – 2014 and Beyond Edition (October 1, 2014)
  5. SPI 176: Backlinking – What’s Working and Is it Even Still Important – with Brian Dean from (August 26, 2015)

Brian Dean has an amazing site at Sign up for his mailing list for sure.

Glen Allsopp at has a great article at: How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google

James Sun at has a great article at: 40 White Hat Creative Link Building Techniques

There are 100’s of posts all over the Internet about the subject. But it seems that all of the information is covered in the links above.  If you find a source that needs to be list here. Drop it in the comments.


First Niche Site Almost Done

I’ve almost finished my first niche site. Boy has this been a learning experience. Both good and bad. I had no idea how much is involved in the process. Here was my checklist:

  1. Pick topic
  2. Buy domain
  3. Set up WordPress site
  4. Add WordPress plugins
  5. Create great content
  6. Link to Amazon products with my affiliate links
  7. Add Google AdSense ads
  8. Work on backlinks

I really should have bought Market Samurai or Longtail Pro before starting. I should have done more research. The product I choose is not a heavily contested product. But it is also not a highly sought after product either.

I’ll document in more detail how I did everything. I’ll turn the site into a training site for everyone. Then see if I can still make it a profitable niche site.


What is the goal of the Passive Income Gurus site?

The primary purpose of this site is to document my journey to passive income freedom. I know it will not be easy. But I am committed and will share all about my success and failures along the way.

I know I can’t succeed by myself. So my plan is to talk to EVERYONE! I’ll email all of the “A-List” gurus out there. Interview all of them that are willing. Link to all of their great content. Give them all of the credit that they deserve. Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn inspired me to start this journey. So my ultimate goal is to interview both of them. Some day. 🙂

Additionally I want to help everyone I can that is doing the same thing I am doing. I want to find as many people who want to share their stories. I want 1000s of guest posts from the everyday person. I want to provide links and contact information that will help Google find them and all of their sites.

Building friends with similar ideas and goals will help me stay focused and learn from their experience. If you would like to guest post on my site or have any suggestions at all, please reach out to me.